My Best Friend's Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How far would you go for the best friend who broke your he. My Best Friend's Girl is a novel by Dorothy Koomson. The book's sales were boosted when it was chosen for the Richard and Judy's Summer Reads. My Best Friend's Girl: A Novel [Dorothy Koomson] on *FREE* shipping on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now.

My Best Friends Girl Book

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. When Kamryn Ryn Matika gets a call from college Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best Books of the Month, featuring our favorite new books in more than a . download My Best Friend's Girl Reprint by Dorothy Koomson (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. My Best Friend's Girl This was a book that Karen Scott reviewed a while back on her blog. It was available only for sale in the UK at the time and.

Koomson did a perfect job in characterization because the "I was laughing and crying from page one.

Koomson did a perfect job in characterization because they felt so real and tangible like they were present in the same room where I was. Their feelings and emotions felt real too.

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I actually have to stop every paragraph once in a while to catch my breath and calm down. I was already struggling to stop myself from crying after I've read the prologue and to think that this book has pages was scary. Scary in a way that I might end up looking extremely horrible after I've read it with puffy and red eyes. I instantly fell in love with Tegan. She has that ability to make everyone fall in love with her without even trying.

I suppose, this came from her mother and I wish we knew more of Adele but then I have to remind myself that this story is about Kamryn's journey towards acceptance, grief, forgiveness and happiness. I understand apprehension and doubts with regards to other people and herself and I understand her the whole time I was reading the book.

I didn't blamed her at some parts where I thought I would. They let Tegan go as a they would be glad to see the back of her b Kamryn had threatened to phone the police. Tegan is somewhat quiet and is rather scared, but Kamryn reassures her everything will be ok. In the hotel room, Kamryn is shocked to see how much abuse Tegan had suffered at the hands of her grandparents.

Kamryn decides to stick to a plan: bath, food, bed. This actually works in a bizarre way. A few days later, Kamryn receives a knock on her door to say that Adele had died during the night. This shocks Kamryn and she tries to tell Tegan but she refuses to believe it. A few weeks later, Kamryn and Tegan move back up to Leeds.

At first, there were issues such as they don't know what shampoo to get for Tegan. Kamryn is under suspicion as she is a black woman with a white child.

My Best Friend's Girl (novel)

Kamryn once forgets Tegan and leaves her at a play group while she is having dinner with her new boss, Luke. The next day, Luke comes round and Tegan asks him to come to the zoo with her and Kamryn. Kamryn and Luke become closer and then they become lovers. Just as they are settling in, Kamryn's former partner and Tegan's father , Nate, comes back on the scene.

Review: My Best Friend’s Girl, Dorothy Koomson

Kamryn tells Nate about his daughter, to which he is now becoming used to even helping with her sixth birthday party, which goes badly wrong when Tegan has an allergic reaction. In the hospital, Kamryn and Nate share a kiss which is seen by Luke, resulting in a massive break-up between him and Kamryn.

Tegan is now Kamryn's adopted daughter and says that they are going to get a cat. Characters[ edit ] Kamryn Matika - aged 32, she lives in Leeds.

Review: My Best Friend’s Girl, Dorothy Koomson

She finds herself in a difficult situation with adopting Tegan. Kamryn is very self-conscious due to being bullied because she was larger as child, teenager and a young adult, and this causes her to be rather hostile towards men.

At the end of the novel she is legally Tegan's mother.Learn how your comment data is processed. The main character was annoying and made stupid decisions. Adele is gravely ill and needs to ensure her daughter I've just re-read this, having originally read it nearly 10 years ago.


It is so beautifully written, so realistic, so filled with emotions you would find your self lost in the pages. I can't really explain it.