Vampire Tapestry · Read more · The Vampire Tapestry. Read more · The Vampire Tapestry · Read more · Suzu McKee Charnas - Vampire Tapestry. Read more. xC0FpUX The Vampire Tapestry. OJ US/Data/Literature-Fiction. /5 From Reviews. Suzy McKee Charnas ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub. Download book PDF The Vampire Tapestry1 is an innovative exploration of the horror genre by Suzy McKee Charnas, American author of the feminist dystopia Walk Suzy McKee Charnas, The Vampire Tapestry (London: Granada, ).

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However, I happened across a copy of The Vampire Tapestry at this year's Readercon—I'd heard quite a bit about this book from different. Read Online The Vampire Tapestry pdf. Page 3. Download and Read Free Online The Vampire Tapestry Suzy McKee Charnas. From reader reviews. Vampire Tapestry: ancient vampire Edward Weyland, his easy life as a respected college professor violently disrupted, fights to balance predatory needs and his.

He returns the compliment by inviting her to participate in his sleep study.

Initially, she refuses the offer but eventually reconsiders. When she reaches the lab, however, Weyland forces Katje back to his car. While trying to escape from Weyland, Katje manages to shoot him twice.

The chapter ends with Weyland driving off into the distance. The second chapter begins with a pair of bystanders finding Weyland collapsed at the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz.

When Weyland refuses the men's offer to alert the authorities, they plot to capitalize on the suspicious nature of his situation. After pawning the car, a friend of the bystanders proceeds to tend to Weyland's injuries. Weyland's state of medical emergency leads him to rip out an IV and begin drinking the blood coming from the other end.

This queer activity subsequently leads the men to sell Weyland to a man named Roger.

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Roger holds Weyland captive in the spare room of his Manhattan apartment where he plans to display the vampire as a museum exhibit. The situation gets complicated when Roger's nephew Mark, the protagonist of the chapter, empathically befriends Weyland. Before long, Roger employs the aid of a satanist by the name of Alan Reese to market Weyland's captivity.

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When Alan's feeding schedule forces Weyland into starvation , Mark intervenes. In doing so, Weyland is able to escape the confines of Roger's apartment and bring the chapter to a close.

Just as the first two chapters are told from the point of view of Katje and Mark respectively, "Unicorn Tapestry" offers a new perspective on Weyland from yet another source, Dr.

Floria Landauer. Floria is a psychotherapist who has been asked to counsel Dr.

Weyland by Doug Sharpe, the dean of Cayslin College page Initially Weyland is resistant to Floria's sessions, claiming for example that he is being made ridiculous by her techniques Eventually he warms up to her therapy and even begins to embrace it. He begins by coyly admitting his " delusions " of being a vampire , but this flowers into explications of his hunting habits , sexuality , take on humanity , and much more.

Ultimately, Weyland sees the therapy sessions as a method of self-discovery for he has no knowledge of his origin and no other members of his species to interact with One day when Floria arrives at her office, her secretary Hilda exclaims that someone has been through their records.

The vampire tapestry

Floria immediately realizes that the perpetrator was Weyland and that he had confiscated all incriminating evidence of his condition.

That evening when Floria returns home, Weyland is waiting for her. After acquiring a written testament to his mental well-being, Weyland threatens to kill Floria. Floria is able to convince him otherwise however by offering to fulfill his sexual curiosities.

In the end, Weyland accepts her offer and leaves her be as he flees to New Mexico. During the drive over, Weyland begins to feel sick; he fed before leaving and never had the chance to rest which upsets his system.

Halfway through the performance, Weyland's upset stomach gets the best of him, and he is forced to leave the show. While wandering around the perimeter of theatre, Weyland comes across a man whom he attacks and kills. The kill was unprovoked, utilized a technique which Weyland had not used in years, and was not done out of hunger.

Although confused by his own actions, Weyland is forced to focus on disposing the body. After doing so, Weyland re-enters the opera and reflects upon his actions.

The Vampire Tapestry

In the final chapter, Weyland remains in New Mexico as he continues his professorship at the University of New Mexico. As a hunter, Albuquerque provides Weyland with a new set of challenges which he had not faced while in New York at Cayslin. In particular, the size of the city hinders Weyland's anonymity. Consequently, Weyland must establish a reliable social network from which to prey upon.

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One such member of this network is Alison Beader, a teaching assistant whom Weyland also engages with sexually. When Weyland is forced to sever his connection with Alison for fear that she is becoming too close to him, he finds himself between reliable food sources.

One night he chooses to drive to a nearby campground to satisfy his hunger.

Now, how would nature design a vampire? Since we posit a natural rather than a supernatural being, he grows older, but very slowly, and withdraws from time to time to let his prey population rest and forget him.

But each waking, each new updating of himself is more challenging and demands more imagination, more energy, more cunning, more common sense. While he must adapt sufficiently to disguise his existence, he must avoid, for example, current political ideologies lest some other allegiance interfere with his predatory skills. He was pacing the platform now, soundless footfalls and graceful stride proclaiming his true nature. But these people were spellbound, admiring his effortless, disdainful domination of them.

Another teacher, rumored to be known for coming on to female students, commented that a lazy vampire could always take home a pretty young instructor to bring him up to date on social behavior.

Weyland fixed him with a cold glance.

Like all the very best monster-fiction writers in the Frankenstein tradition, Charnas uses the inhuman condition to explore the specialness of humankind — and the result is both a gripping psychological portrait and smashingly deft entertainment. Charnas' view of her protagonist is unswervingly unsentimental, and Charnas' writing is also rich and impressive: The novel works on many levels — as pure adventure, as social description, as psychological drama, and as a passionate exploration of the web that links instinct, morality, and culture.

It is a serious, startling, and revolutionary work, and I recommend it to all comers.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Expect modern settings with a dash of supernatural. Scholars and writers from the United States, Canada, England, and Japan examine how today's vampire has evolved from that of the last century, consider the vampire as a metaphor for consumption within the context of social concerns, and discuss the vampire figure in terms of contemporary literary theory.

When Weyland is forced to sever his connection with Alison for fear that she is becoming too close to him, he finds himself between reliable food sources. Weyland, leaving the lab with one of his sleep subjects, her imagination begins to run wild.

In addition, three writers of vampire fiction—Suzy McKee Charnas author of the now-classic Vampire Tapestry , Brian Stableford writer of the lively and erudite novels Empire of Fear and Young Blood , and Jewelle Gomez creator of the dazzling Gilda stories —discuss their own uses of the vampire, focusing on race and gender politics, eroticism, and the nature of evil.