Practical QlikView. What does QlikView actually do? Although QlikView is becoming more and more popular and even being requested in job advertisements. Hi all, Please find attached a sample of my book Practical QlikView. I've not been able to find the ebook version only the Paper Book. Hi all, Just to let you know I will be soon doing a FREE promotion for the site version of Practical QlikVIew. If you would like to learn QlikView.

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Practical QlikView 2 - Beyond Basic QlikView: Mark O'Donovan: are doing heavily discounted ebooks of QlikView books at the moment. If you send me your email address to [email protected] or using the contact page on the website I will let you know the. Practical QlikView - QlikView for Beginners - QlikView Online Training Christmas Special only $3 - Qlik Sense for Beginners eBook: Mark.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author. Disclaimer Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

Information sold in this book is sold without warranty, either expressed or implied. Practical QlikView Version: How to use this book I think the best way to use this book is to work your way through the chapters of Section 1, then you can start creating your own QlikView documents with more confidence.

You can start by looking at the chapters in Section 2 that you are most interested in, there is no need to cover the chapters of Section 2 in order. Next I will give a brief overview of the different sections contained within this book. An overview of this book Section 1: First we will teach you how to create your own sample data in Excel and create your first QlikView document. Then once you have created your first example we will give you examples of connections to various different sources of data such as text files and databases.

Next we will look at how you can manage the data once you have loaded data from the data source. Tables are all well and good but what most people want to see are charts displaying the data so we will cover Charts in QlikView in more detail as well as Pivot tables. In the final chapter of this section we will cover tips to help with the development of your QlikView documents such as using Themes to provide a consistent look and feel to your QlikView documents and some useful User Preferences options.

Everyday We will start with everyday examples by showing how you can use QlikView to track your own spending. We hold no responsibility for what this reveals if you are following the examples with your own spending data. The Track your Spending example is useful because it shows you how to read multiple Excel Worksheets into your QlikView document. Next we will look at analyzing Premier Football League results. In this example we highlight how to display data in a table only when certain criteria have been reached using a Calculation Condition.

The Football Scores example also demonstrates how to create a row number for each record read into your QlikView document. Personal Computer We now move from Everyday examples to examples based on your computer performance and events that are happening on your computer.

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These examples are useful to discover if there are any problems on your computer that you should be aware of related to performance or applications causing errors. The first Personal Computer example analyses the EventLog. This log is on the Windows operating systems but most people rarely look at it. You can export the data and analyze it to discover if there are any errors that are occurring on your computer that need investigating.

People often remark that their computer is running slow. But there are many reasons why this could be the case. The next example called Computer Performance in which we gather data about how the computer processor and memory is performing and analyze this data in QlikView.

The Computer Performance example also shows how you can group chart expressions so you can easily switch between charts displaying different expressions over the same dimension. Later in the Google Analytics example we will demonstrate how you can plot 2 different y-axes on the same chart.

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Database At first this might seem an example just for Sql Server users but it covers how you can map data to another value using a lookup table within QlikView.

This technique is useful for all users to learn. The first example demonstrates how you can use QlikView to monitor what the compatibility version of the databases on your server.

Websites The final example in this section covers analyzing websites using data gathered from Google Analytics. The Google Analytics example also shows you how you can plot multiple y-axes on a chart. This is important if you are plotting 2 expressions that have values that vary greatly for example: Examples in this book Below are the websites where sample data was used in the examples within this book.

For more information on QlikView , this book and sample data please go to the website http: Sample data used for examples We show you how to generate sample data for the initial examples yourself. This is very good for demonstration and learning purposes. Sql Server databases If you do not already have access to a sql server database or reporting services database and would like to learn some more I would suggest you get Sql Server Express a free download from Microsoft with Advanced Services which will allow you to create reports using SSRS.

Excel Sample: PivotTable Reports The reason for using this data is that the Pivot Tables and Chart are in the Excel documents so you can compare them against what you have done in QlikView. Go to http: Practical Examples Track your spending We will show you how to create your own excel spreadsheet. It is your decision whether to make up data as I have done in the example or use data from your own spending habits. I guess it depends on who you will show the finished QlikView document.

You can download the spreadsheet used in this example from:. The reason for this is that we want to make the examples as useful as possible and it is no use seeing how slowly my computer is running.

The screenshots are from Windows XP with notes on getting the same data from Vista. Windows 7 Event Log: Even if you do not have a sql server this example does cover a useful example of mapping functions as described in the section overview. Google Analytics This example uses data from Google Analytics website but it is easy to replicate the data as shown in the example.

In this section we cover some of the more advanced topics in QlikView for example: We also cover what other products QlikView has to offer.

Chapter 3 You will create your first QlikView document. This will include generating some sample data in Excel, Import the data into QlikView and display the data in a bar chart and table.

Chapter 4 In this section we will demonstrate how you can connect to and get your data from different sources such as databases and text files. Chapter 5 Once you have your data loaded into a QlikView document this chapter will show you how to manage that data from filtering the data to creating expressions and more. Chapter 6 People love charts.

Mostly everyone would prefer to look at a chart to understand what is happening to data rather than look at a table of data. So this chapter will examine how to create charts as well as tables of data such as pivot tables. Chapter 7 The final chapter of this section delves into tips that will make your life even easier when creating QlikView documents and hopefully more fun. We will show you how to create themes to create a consistent look and feel to your documents.

Themes are an important aspect to understand especially if your intention is to eventually use QlikView in your working life. What is this book about? This book is a practical introduction to QlikView. First we will look at the basic concepts used in QlikView so you can start using the software quickly and then we will explore different examples where QlikView might be used. Finally we will discuss how you can take this new knowledge further. What does QlikView actually do? Although QlikView is becoming more and more popular and even being requested in job advertisements many people might wonder what QlikView actually does.

You can create charts from your data, you can search through your data very quickly, you can explore your data easily which can help you make decisions or many just confirm what you thought. QlikView is part of a category of software called Business Intelligence. This is not to say that it cannot be used by people in their everyday lives. But instead that it is normally used for analyzing business data so that more informed decisions can be made.

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QlikView 11 for Developers. A superb hands-on guide. Quick links: Description Table of Contents Reviews Authors. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jan 16, You will be comfortable with the basics of creating QlikView documents and eager to learn more techniques and functions that QlikView has to offer. Practical QlikView 2 is focussed on the QlikView Desktop and the development of QlikView documents but we will also cover QlikView server topics and creating applications in Visual Studio which can access information in your QlikView server extra license required for QlikView Server examples.

Other topics cover in this book include: Alternate States. Advanced Scripting Techniques and functions such as interval match, aggr. QlikView table joins. Security using section access and QlikView Server security. Installation and Setup of a QlikView Server extra license required. Finally QlikView Design tips. SlideShare Explore Search You.Creating a consistent QlikView UI.

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Other charts. Adding a Bookmark Object. Chapter 7 The final chapter of this section delves into tips that will make your life even easier when creating QlikView documents and hopefully more fun. SlideShare Explore Search You. It is helping you with your goals in life such as budgeting. Copyright Mark ODonovan All rights reserved. Some reasons to use QlikView after you have learnt the basics from this book and tried some examples: You can download the spreadsheet used in this example from:.