THE N A M E OF THE W I N D The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One PATRICK ROTHFUSS My name is Kvothe, pronounced nearly the same as "quothe." Names. The Name of the Wind. PATRICK ROTHFUSS US.A. $ CAN. $ THE N A M E OF THE W I N D The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One PATRICK ROTHF. If you want to download The Name of the Wind pdf Patrick Rothfuss then here is The Name of the Wind pdf Patrick Rothfuss for you. Just click.

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About the book: The Name of the Wind Pdf book. Author: Patrick Rothfuss. Series: Kingkiller Chronicle (Book 1). Publisher: DAW Books. Download online The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles), The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles) Patrick Rothfuss pdf, by Patrick Rothfuss The. The Name of the Wind PDF Summary by Patrick Rothfuss is an exciting mythical story that is filled with various characters. Available as an.

No hard feelings? I don't take shit too personally, either. So now I'll get down to ripping your book, knowing we can still be friends.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I faithfully admit that this book goes in my DNF shelf. I just couldn't finish it. I gave it a good honest try and eventually found myself reading only so I wouldn't have to admit to my brother that I didn't like it enough to finish.

But that isn't a good reason to spend my time—something we have precious little of in our short lives—reading something I dislike and not getting paid for it. So I'm sorry, bro. I tried. Yes, my brother is one of my GR friends and will likely see this review. Now on to the reasons I couldn't finish the book.

Most of The Name of the Wind is written in the first person; it's the autobiography of Kvothe, who has a number of things in common with "The Most Interesting Man in the World. First, Bast is described as "sharp and delicate, almost beautiful, with striking blue eyes. Third, Bast follows Kvothe around like a puppy dog.

Fourth, Bast likes to tuck Kvothe into bed and watch him sleep. Fifth, Bast cries like a little girl when he hears something sad. Finally, Bast apparently can manifest himself as some sort of goat-man creature. Do you see where I'm going with this? Kvothe runs a bed-and-breakfast, in which a very sensitive and beautiful man follows him around and occasionally turns into a goat.

Bed-and-breakfast and goat-men: what could be sexier? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I believe everyone should have the freedom be who they were born to be and I have several close friends who happen to be gay; I'm the last person who would have a problem with Kvothe and his beautiful male companion getting frisky goat-style, of course.

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I only mention the implied homoerotic connection because Kvothe a. The Most Interesting Man in the World is supposed to be a lady-killer. No, not a psycho rapist murderer, you freaks. A lady-killa. A Lover of Women. I suppose that's not necessarily inconsistent; perhaps Kvothe swings both ways.

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Let's all say it together, now: not that there's anything wrong with that. First-person narrative is reserved for Kvothe's recitation of his life story.

The remainder of the book, particularly the scenes of Kvothe manhandling his lover in front of the scribe Bast said Kvothe leaves bruises , are written in the third-person.

I'll address my displeasure with the third-person sections first. Let me clarify at the outset that I have no problem with the writer switching between first-person and third-person narrative.

Tolkien's The Hobbit , the term "fairy tale" was still being used. After [ edit ] An important factor in the development of the fantasy genre was the arrival of magazines devoted to fantasy fiction. The first such publication was the German magazine Der Orchideengarten which ran from Such magazines also played a large role in the rise of science fiction and it was at this time the two genres began to be associated with each other.

Several of the genre's most prominent authors began their careers in these magazines, including Clark Ashton Smith , Fritz Leiber , Ray Bradbury and H. Lovecraft was deeply influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and to a somewhat lesser extent, by Lord Dunsany; with his Cthulhu Mythos stories, he became one of the most influential writers of fantasy and horror in the 20th century. Joshi , "Dunsany's work had the effect of segregating fantasy—a mode whereby the author creates his own realm of pure imagination—from supernatural horror.

From the foundations he established came the later work of E. Eddison , Mervyn Peake , and J.

The Name of the Wind

Eddison was another influential writer, wrote during this era. He drew inspiration from Northern sagas, as Morris did, but his prose style was modeled more on Tudor and Elizabethan English, and his stories were filled with vigorous characters in glorious adventures. Herbert Read devoted a chapter of his book English Prose Style to discussing "Fantasy" as an aspect of literature, arguing it was unjustly considered suitable only for children: "The Western World does not seem to have conceived the necessity of Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups".

White introduced one of the most notable works of comic fantasy. Tolkien played a large role in the popularization and accessibility of the fantasy genre with his highly successful publications The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings — Eddison 's novel, The Worm Ouroboros.

Tolkien's close friend C. Lewis , author of The Chronicles of Narnia and a fellow English professor with a similar array of interests, also helped to publicize the fantasy genre.

The tradition established by these predecessors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has continued to thrive and be adapted by new authors.

The influence of J. Tolkien's fiction has—particularly over the genre of high fantasy —prompted a reaction.

At the turn of the millennium, the Harry Potter novels of J. Rowling , which chronicle the life of a young wizard, achieved widespread popularity. Some argue that fantasy literature and its archetypes fulfill a function for individuals and society and the messages are continually updated for current societies.

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When Abenthy climbed on board, Kvothe realizes that every sorcery and magic give us a taste of reality. However, nothing comes close to The Name of the Wind, a new skill that grants Kvothe the support he can utilize in times of crisis. Something that he can call upon whenever he feels the urge to do so. In an unfortunate turn of events, the members of The Edema Ruh fall into the hands of 7 evil beasts.

Soon after the capture, they end up murdered by the Chandrian, and Kvothe remains the only one still breathing. What he saw, and what he witnessed damages his perception; leaving him to beg in the gutter. For the next three years, he remains on the streets, trying to collect as much money as possible.

On the way to regain his reputation, he meets a woman — Denna and instantaneously falls desperately in love with her. The feeling of love works its magic on him. He feels stunned and uplifted at the same time. After clearing his path, he is tested by the official to see whether Kvothe got what it takes to become a fellow scholar. He immediately catches the eye of another student known as Ambrose. Their rivalry actually begins even before they engage in verbal confrontations. In the dark corners of the University Library, he begins to conduct in-depth research and specialize in all matters related to the Chandrian.

His actions are not well-received , and the university officials ban him from the archives — stopping his progress. Now, the lack of money is an incentive enough for him to download an instrument and perform in a local tavern. The destiny reunites Kvothe and Denna once more, and their relationship reaches a new level.

In the inn, Kvothe is exposed to a lot of gossiping, but one particular rumor shakes his world.Kote was in the middle of it all, always moving, like a man tending a large, complex machine.

He manages to slaughter just one before he is put to eternal sleep by a young patron. Rothfuss, you probably don't give a shit about my rating since, judging from your GR biography, you appear to be very comfortable in your own academic, geeky skin.

Celtic folklore and mythology provided a major source for the Arthurian cycle of chivalric romance : the Matter of Britain. It was a cell no man had ever escaped. The women flirted.