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The novel details the lives of Tom and Maggie Tulliver, a brother and sister growing up on the fictional river Floss near the fictional village of. Ebook The Mill on the Floss, George Eliot. EPUB. Wypróbuj 14 dni za darmo lub kup teraz do %!. Read The Mill on the Floss eBook onlie. The book is wrote by George Eliot.

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This book doesn't seem to have a plot at first, but then it gets really good, and I wrote a paper on this and got an A so I remember it fondly. In her writing, she was chiefly preoccupied with moral problems, especially the moral development and psychological analysis of her characters.

It helps middle and high school students understand George Eliot's literary masterpiece. It provides a thorough exploration of the novella's plot, characters and main themes, along with an examination of Zweig's acute psychological insight and narrative style. Post-modernist feminist studies have made extensive use of Susan Lanser's Narrative Voice analysis. Get Price mill on the floss feminist Get Price List of books and articles about Mill on the Floss Discover librarian-selected research resources on Mill on the Floss from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

Librarian's tip Chap. These events are present as fictions but absent as realities. Despite the scandalous appearances, she is not a fallen woman rejected by her seducer. On this mighty tide the blackships--laden with the fresh-scented fir-planks, with rounded sacks ofoil-bearing seed, or with the dark glitter of coal--are borne along tothe town of St.

Mill on the Floss

Ogg's, which shows its aged, fluted red roofs and thebroad gables of its wharves between the low wooded hill and theriver-brink, tingeing the water with a soft purple hue under thetransient glance of this February sun. Far away on each hand stretchthe rich pastures, and the patches of dark earth made ready for theseed of broad-leaved green crops, or touched already with the tint ofthe tender-bladed autumn-sown corn. There is a remnant still of lastyear's golden clusters of beehive-ricks rising at intervals beyond thehedgerows; and everywhere the hedgerows are studded with trees; thedistant ships seem to be lifting their masts and stretching theirred-brown sails close among the branches of the spreading ash.

Just bythe red-roofed town the tributary Ripple flows with a lively currentinto the Floss. How lovely the little river is, with its dark changingwavelets!

It seems to me like a living companion while I wander alongthe bank, and listen to its low, placid voice, as to the voice of onewho is deaf and loving. I remember those large dipping willows.

Iremember the stone bridge. And this is Dorlcote Mill. I must stand a minute or two here on thebridge and look at it, though the clouds are threatening, and it isfar on in the afternoon.

Even in this leafless time of departingFebruary it is pleasant to look at,--perhaps the chill, damp seasonadds a charm to the trimly kept, comfortable dwelling-house, as old asthe elms and chestnuts that shelter it from the northern blast.

Thestream is brimful now, and lies high in this little withy plantation,and half drowns the grassy fringe of the croft in front of the house. As I look at the full stream, the vivid grass, the delicatebright-green powder softening the outline of the great trunks andbranches that gleam from under the bare purple boughs, I am in lovewith moistness, and envy the white ducks that are dipping their headsfar into the water here among the withes, unmindful of the awkwardappearance they make in the drier world above.

The rush of the water and the booming of the mill bring a dreamydeafness, which seems to heighten the peacefulness of the scene. Theyare like a great curtain of sound, shutting one out from the worldbeyond.

The Mill on the Floss

And now there is the thunder of the huge covered wagon cominghome with sacks of grain. That honest wagoner is thinking of hisdinner, getting sadly dry in the oven at this late hour; but he willnot touch it till he has fed his horses,--the strong, submissive,meek-eyed beasts, who, I fancy, are looking mild reproach at him frombetween their blinkers, that he should crack his whip at them in thatawful manner as if they needed that hint!

See how they stretch theirshoulders up the slope toward the bridge, with all the more energybecause they are so near home.

Look at their grand shaggy feet thatseem to grasp the firm earth, at the patient strength of their necks,bowed under the heavy collar, at the mighty muscles of theirstruggling haunches!

I should like well to hear them neigh over theirhardly earned feed of corn, and see them, with their moist necks freedfrom the harness, dipping their eager nostrils into the muddy pond. Now they are on the bridge, and down they go again at a swifter pace,and the arch of the covered wagon disappears at the turning behind thetrees. Now I can turn my eyes toward the mill again, and watch the unrestingwheel sending out its diamond jets of water. That little girl iswatching it too; she has been standing on just the same spot at theedge of the water ever since I paused on the bridge.

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And that queerwhite cur with the brown ear seems to be leaping and barking inineffectual remonstrance with the wheel; perhaps he is jealous becausehis playfellow in the beaver bonnet is so rapt in its movement.

It istime the little playfellow went in, I think; and there is a verybright fire to tempt her: It is time, too, for me to leave off resting my armson the cold stone of this bridge Ah, my arms are really benumbed. Download it today! A fine line between love and friendship.

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Tulliver at last, in rather a lower tone than usual, as he turned his head and looked steadfastly at his companion.