rights to education and information. Word Processing -. Microsoft Word Notes . Save as type – choose the file type in which your file will be saved (MS Word. docx) .. exam/sample exam module 3 .pdf. Download free courses materials, tutorials training on ms word hindi in PDF files. Microsoft Word Tutorial. Description: Microsoft Word is a. SIR SEND PDF NOTES STEP TO STEP PLZ [email protected] MS Word Basics: Introduction to MS Office, Introduction to MS Word, Features Office dk otZu Office cktkj esa 26 vDVwcj vk;k FkkA blesa vusd.

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msoffice - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online MS Word esa document esa vko'.k tk ldrk gS A PROSYS EDUCATION & SERVICES .. Tally Notes. Uploaded by. Arun. Telly PDF. Uploaded by. Naushad Ahmad. international editions, contact your local Microsoft Corporation office or contact Microsoft Microsoft Office Professional .. 20 Create and Organize Notes. This class is designed to give a basic introduction into Microsoft Word Have a basic understanding of the Office Ribbon in Microsoft Office . Tip: A very handy addition in is that it is possible to save your document as a. pdf.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Microsoft office hindi notes 1. MS Word Basics: Importing and exporting to and from various formats. N o Hardwar e Minimum Recommanded 1. HDD MB of available hard- disk space or above 4. Display VGA Monitor or above x resolution and colors is required.

QkbZy ehuw File Menu: Save as: Page Setup: Print Priview: Paste special: Select all: Find What text box: Break type: Section Break Types: Line Style Tab: Sentence Case: Title Case: There is an option of replacing that word too.

That helps improve readability of the file quickly.

Page layout option provides you with a chance to change spacing before the paragraphs, indents and general margin spacing of the page. Intersection of rows and columns forms a cell. So each of the cells is an individual unit of data. Each cell has a cell address which is the number of row and alphabet of the column it appears in. No two cells have the same address ever.

You can perform the formula on data in order to analyze it quickly.

These wonderful features are not available in one place in such an easy style in other word processing applications. Such technical users of Microsoft word Home menu are very beneficial for all kind of users such as students to create assignments and notes. Teachers can use these options to highlight the main topic of the document. A business professional can use these options to create professional looking letters.

E-book writers can design their book according to this. Blogger can write their post amazingly by the use of these options. Such as pages cover pages, blank pages, and page break , Table, picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, hyperlink, header and footer, text boxes symbols etc.

All are great features of Insert menu in Microsoft Word.

These functions provide exceptional uses for the word user. Cover page feature can be utilized in the start of the document or it will be used on the first page of the document. Such as students, teachers, professional, writers can insert cover page in stories, assignments, notes and articles etc. There are so many pre-defined cover page templates that can be used to get attentions of readers while they will receive your printed or pdf copy. According to Google translator cover is a thing that lies on, around something and conceals etc.

Magazine front page is also cover page it can be edited photographs or designed text. Books front page, greeting cards first page etc. I think you got this. Blank page option provides the user for inserting any blank page after cursor.

For example, if you want blank page after writing the first paragraph on one page then you can click on this option. The use of blank page function is mostly found outs on book publishing or eBook designing. People also can use in their notes and documents. The benefits of using this function that it will consume less memory of a computer or it will help to create less. But the difference between a blank page and page feature is that you can insert the blank page at the cursor position, where page break starts the next page at the current position.

No big difference. You can insert a table, draw the table, convert text into a table, and insert a quick table pre-designed tables. This is the most important function in the Insert menu that is mostly used to design or draw calendars, reports, and invoices and used in while creating forms, labels, newsletters etc. The uses of illustrations menu in Microsoft word that it will help users to visualize the documents view to readers.

Such as by inserting image, adding clips, smart art etc. The purpose of using these visual appealing options is to explore the creativity in readers mind while reading printed word file or pdf document. Picture menu is used to insert a picture from your computer hard drives or from desktop to the current position of your cursor. You can also insert picture anywhere in the text box, word art and in smart art etc. Whenever you have to insert the image inside any object in Microsoft word then click on Picture Option under Illustration Menu.

Clip Art uses in MS word to insert Art clips such as drawings, movie clips, sounds that illustrate the concept written in the document. These features help students to understand the concept by seeing clips.

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Also good to use in all kind of educational and study materials. Shapes feature is used to insert rectangular, circle, arrows, charts, lines, symbols based on the demand of the document. For example, while giving examples of something such as water consumption or electricity consummations in a document then we can use these shapes in MS word.

We can also highlight, colourise, decorate or insert text and images inside the shapes.

Smart Art is one of my favorite option in MS word. The uses of this option are great especially while educating.

MS Office Information for Competitive Exams – Computer Notes in PDF

You can visually communicate information by using process diagrams, hierarchy diagrams, list diagrams, relationship diagrams etc. SmartArt is easy to understand and teach any complex problem.

The option is also available in Microsoft PowerPoint. We can insert excel chart into MS word. When you click on the chart it will open Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which we can use to write figures. The uses of a chart are very beneficial to display data comparison and data analytics. You can find such option mostly on math or economics books and newspaper economic page. In which publishers are using such kind of charts to display the facts and figures.

Screenshot is the great option in MS word and it is used to take a screenshot of opened programs or applications on the computer and on the internet. You can insert the same captured clip in MS word document in real time. The uses illustrations options for teachers and students in Microsoft word are great.

Students and teachers can use these options to explain data organization, story maps, cause and effects, topic building, clocks to teach about time etc. Also, entrepreneurs or manager can use these options to highlight decision trees, pros, and cons, brainstorming exercises. There are so many uses but tough to share in one post. But I hope you got the ideas about the uses of Illustrations in Microsoft Word. Links: —Insert menu category contains a hyperlink, bookmark, and cross-reference function.

In which users use to link any internal or external file, picture, the web page from the document.

Also, the bookmark can be inserted on anywhere in the page and then we can create the hyperlink to visit that position on the same document without scrolling.

Hyperlink is used to create the link from text to any file, picture, videos, website etc. For example, if you want your reader to find more information about certain cause or solution then you can link that source from using hyperlink option.

Such as when you search on Google for something then all the list of search results are also hyperlinked. Cross-reference is similar to Hyperlink option that is used to refer the user to headings, tables etc. After adding content such as graphics, page number, author of the book, title of book, date and time etc. Microsoft word automatically inserts the same text with correct page number and other graphics on next pages or on the each printed page.

Word process users can also use pre-designed header and footer and can edit too. If you want to insert only page number then just click on the page number and select desired position.

Uses of Text are very great for book writer, students and for teachers to insert preformatted text boxes anywhere in the document to highlight important words, sayings or main points of written paragraphs. The user can also draw text boxes from their own on anywhere in the document such as forms, books, invitation cards and on invoices.

Quick parts are used to insert a reusable piece of content including field, document properties such as author name, the title of a document, comments, company name etc. WordArt is good option to create and decorate slogan, quotes in the documents in Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Office Books

To use this you only need to select the piece of text then select the appropriate color style or decorative text. WordArt is also useful to insert decorative text in invitation cards, happy birthday greetings and other kinds of funny or less professional documents. Drop Cap is used in books, letters, notes and new stories or newsletter to display first letter larger at the beginning of the paragraph. Such as in government notification PDF files and legal notices signed with a stamp at the end of the page.

This is similar to Microsoft Word that government notification letters can use a signature line or they can add a digital signature at the spot. Also, any word user can insert a signature line at the end of document or paragraph which specifies the individual who must sign or signed. Also, digital signature used in mostly Income tax return, company audit and company registration numbers and can be used in related legal documents.

In Microsoft Word, there are so many dates and time formats such as Saturday, December 31, , or Dec are two different formats that can be used according to nature of the document. Such as you can insert paint program functionality by creating bitmap image in real time, excel spreadsheet, videos, and power point presentations etc. Symbols: — In this option, you can insert mathematical equations and can do plus, minus by using a table.

Also, there is symbol option that is used to insert special character or symbol that is not commonly available on the keyboard. This option in Microsoft word mostly used in legal, marketing, and promotional documents. Features and uses of Page Layout Menu in Microsoft Word Page layout menu in Microsoft word gives various uses for the user to set themes, page setup, page background, paragraph and arrangement in the document.

Page layout features in Microsoft word is very useful for eBook publisher and document printing business and also for common word users. Themes: — In Microsoft word, a theme is a set of pre-designed document designs fonts, headings, effects etc. By the use of theme option in Microsoft word, the user can change the overall design of the page such as fonts, effects, and colors etc.Date 3.

Page Setup: — Page setup is the most important option and the users start after creating a new document. Adding bookmarks in Word is also easy. There is pre-defined watermark in Microsoft Word such as Confidential, urgent etc. Excel es file. Z ugha dj ldrs gS blds fy.