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Ethnology examines, Interprets and compares the result of ethnography.

Areas of specialization Economic Anthropology, dealing with how goods and services are produced, distributed and consumed cross culturally, this area of specialization focuses on such topics such as division of labour, patterns of work, systems of exchange and control of property. Educational Anthropology, it explores the relationship between anthropological theories, methods and insights on the one hand and educational practices and institutions on the other hand.

It also deals with the bilingual education, comparative forms of education and the ethnography of the class room.

Political anthropology, It devotes itself to the study of law, order, conflict and power. Psychological anthropology, it examines such topics as emotions, motivation, comparative human development and the acquisition of culture.

Industrial anthropology, it deals with the impact of industries on traditional societies.

Urban anthropology, it examines the social organization of the city. It also studies social problems characteristic of large cities such as crime, social disorder, slums, prostitution, poverty, street children and homelessness. Ecological anthropology, it focuses upon the complex relations between people and their environments. Medical anthropology, it is generally understood to refer to the study of social and cultural dimentions of health and disease.

Cognitive anthropology, it is the study of the relationship between mind and society. Traditionally it examines cultural knowledge in terms of its organizations and application in every day life, in activities such as classification.

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Applied Social and Cultural anthropology, it is the application of anthropological data, concepts, methods to solve the problems like education, health, agriculture etc.. Action anthropology, it is the branch of applied anthropology or branch of anthropology, which seeks to combact immediate threats to population groups. At present, this field is especially prominent in Germany. Development anthropology, it refers to the application of anthropological perspectives to the multidisciplinary branch of development studies.

It deals with the assessing the important qualitative aspects of development some times ignored by an economist. The Uniqueness of Social and Cultural Anthropology: 1. The holistic approach, this approach combines the Ideas of several disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, political science etc The Comarative approach, it compares society with society, tradition with tradion over time and space.

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For example, when you draw skulls of ape and human, you should comparatively point out changes in parts such as Zygomatic arch, Foramen magnum, Sagittal crest etc.

Practise diagrams to show evolutionary changes not just in the skull but also foot, spinal cord, pelvis, dentition etc Dedicate adequate time to practise neat drawings.

Your aim must be to attempt as many questions as you can from topics like these and max out your scores. Focus on: Phylogenetic Status i. Note down all of them in an A4 sheet and memorise.

For all the terms marriage, religion, magic etc , definitions must be a scholarly one. Cram word to word and replicate in your paper. Eg: If you talk about Kula Ring, your answer will be incomplete without quoting Malinowski and his work on Trobriand Islanders.

Same goes with Totemism and Durkheim.

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SSC PRE 1 be honest in your dealings 2 work according to your capacity 3 live within your means. Product Description.I cannot get or find any type of study material from your side.

By what time I will get study material and registration communication at my address? I have not been issued enrolment no.

Disaster Management Notes in Hindi best for Hindi medium aspirants for best preparation so many site has hindi medium notes but notes have so many problems like lack of syllabus and bad in handwriting 3. My enrollment number is Can u plz upload that. Kya main regular mode me bhi dusre college me bhi padh sakta hu na? So anthropology means " Knowledge about humans" or "reason about humans" Erikson,